Why can’t I download data in IE 7?

This issue arises with downloading data into Excel when using a web browser where the security is set not to allow automatic prompting for file downloads. For example, the default setting in IE 7 does not allow automatic prompting for file downloads, while the default setting on IE 6 does.

Caution: Before changing your setting, please consult with your IT staff to ensure you are not in violation of your institutional IT security policy.

Please follow the steps below to change your settings:

Step 1. Open an Internet Explorer browser and go to our WDI site. Click on Tools menu of IE ---> Pop-up Blocker ---> select "Allow pop-ups from this site."

Step 2. Click on Tools menu of IE ---> Internet Options ---> Security tab ---> select "Internet" icon ---> click on Custom Level button. A new window will pop up with tree structured options. Go to Downloads option ---> Automatic prompting for file downloads ---> select Enable ---> click on OK for all screens.

Step 3. Close IE, and open IE again and then go to our WDI site. Please try exporting your query into Excel. If it does not work please follow Step 4 and re-do Steps 1-3.

Step 4. Open an IE browser ---> Click on Tools menu ---> Internet Options ---> Security tab ---> Click on "Reset all zones to default level" button. After finishing this, go to Advanced tab ---> Click on "Reset" button. Close Internet Explorer. Repeat Steps 1-3. If you still cannot export the data into Excel, you need to contact your IT administrator, as your enterprise level permission overwrites any of these changes you made.

If you do not succeed in downloading data after following the above steps, another possibility might be related to Virus Protection Software installed on your computer. It is possible that other third party virus protection software might be blocking pop-ups or downloads. Please check with your IT administrator.

Using Quick Query:

How do I see all items in the available box?

Cick on the top-most level when you are browsing lower levels, e.g if you clicked on a region/income or subtopic only the items in that level are shown in the available box. Click on the top-most level to see all items in the list.

Why doesn't "show all" in search show all items?

Search works only on the level at which you are working, e.g. if you have clicked on Sub_Saharan Africa, searching for CHA only returns Chad, and "show all" will return all Sub_Saharan Africa countries.

Why do I keep getting "page not found" or "bad request, contact administrator" messages? If there is a period of inactivity, usually 5 minutes, the application will not respond to your next request. Click on the back button, then click on refresh. If this does not work, close your browser and start from the query starting page.

Why doesn't map work?

Map will not work if a query does not have countries as one of its variables.


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