The World Bank’s ASPIRE online tool is the most up-to-date compilation of global social protection and labor (SPL) indicators, based on household survey data from developing countries. ASPIRE contributes to monitoring social protection and labor outcomes including program coverage, targeting performance, adequacy of benefits, benefit-cost ratios, impacts on poverty and inequality.
Time series
South Asia, Low or Middle income, IDA, Europe & Central Asia, IBRD, Latin America & Caribbean, East Asia & Pacific, Middle East & North Africa, Sub Saharan Africa, High income
National, Regional
ASPIRE contains information on almost 5 million individuals in 1.3 million households. Currently, the database includes nearly 69 harmonized household urveys for 2005-2010.
Labor & Social Protection, Poverty
API, Bulk download, Query tool
The Atlas of Social Protection: Indicators of Resilience and Equity, World Bank Group
2005 - 2010


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