Water Data. In addition to the data available here and through the Climate Data API, the Climate Change Knowledge Portal has a web interface to a collection of water indicators that may be used to assess the impact of climate change across over 8,000 water basins worldwide. You may use the web interface to download the data for any of these basins.

Here is how to navigate to the water data:

  • Go to the Climate Change Knowledge Portal home page
  • Click any region on the map
  • Click a country
  • In the navigation menu, click "Impacts" and then "Water"
  • Click the map to select a specific water basin
  • Click "Click here to get access to data and indicators"

Please be sure to observe the disclaimers on the website regarding uncertainties and use of the water data.

Time series
World, East Asia & Pacific, Europe & Central Asia, Latin America & Caribbean, Middle East & North Africa, South Asia, Sub Saharan Africa, High income, Low or Middle income, IBRD, IDA
Climate Change
No fixed schedule
API, Bulk download
Climate Change Data, World Bank Group
1990 - 2011


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