The World Bank Pilot Study for Crowd-Sourced Price Data Collection through Mobile Phones combined the need for high-frequency data, recent developments in information and communication technologies, and power of crowd. Crowd-sourced data are data collected and reported by the user community using information and communication technologies.

The objective of the pilot was to study the feasibility of crowd-sourced price data collection. Non-professional price collectors used personal computers and mobile phones for collecting data and entering it in a multilingual web microsite developed for the pilot. Price data was collected for thirty tightly specified food commodity items on a monthly basis for approximately six months in eight pilot countries. Non-professional price collectors received compensation in the form of airtime rewards.

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East Asia & Pacific, IBRD, IDA, Latin America & Caribbean, Low or Middle income, South Asia, Sub Saharan Africa
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Economy & Growth, Poverty
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Hamadeh, N., Rissanen, M. and Yamanaka, M. (2013). "The World Bank Pilot Study for Crowd-Sourced Data Collection through Mobile Phones."


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