Sugar and rice mill scenario analysis results. Sugar mill scenario: There is a potential for implementing cogeneration plant using bagasse generated at the sugar mills. For each sugar mill, the power capacity of the cogeneration plant was defined based on the NEPRA requirement of annual capacity factor (ACF) of a newly-established cogeneration plant running on bagasse produced by the sugar mill. The ACF approved by NEPRA in 2013 was 45% based on 180 days of operation (120 days milling season and 60 days off-milling season) and a plant availability factor of 92%. The conversion technology was assumed to be a high pressure cogeneration system including a steam boiler and an extraction-condensing steam turbine. The analysis results contain the sourcing area (km²/GWh) for the additional biomass feedstock needed for operating the cogeneration plant in power-only mode for additional 5 months of the off-milling season when bagasse is not available. The sourcing area matches the best-case scenario of being able to source all of the available technical potential of the crop harvesting residues suitable for the cogeneration plant from the immediate neighborhood of the mill. Therefore, it helps ranking the sugar mills in terms of the ease of sourcing the additional feedstock. Rice mill scenario: In this analysis, the power plant potential was estimated based on an assumption that the power plant will be run with a fuel mixture of rice husk and locally sourced crop harvesting residues. The minimum fixed power plant capacity of 3 MW is assumed for all 54 surveyed rice mills. The additional biomass feedstock was calculated in order to assure an annual capacity factor of 85% for all power plants. As for the sugar mills, the analysis results for each rice mill contain the sourcing area (km²/GWh) for the additional biomass feedstock needed to operate the power plant and the sourcing area matches the best-case sourcing scenario.
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