The Exporter Dynamics Database is the first database providing measures of exporter characteristics and dynamics across 45 countries across all geographic regions and income levels. The Exporter Dynamics Database contains close to 100 measures covering the basic characteristics of exporters, their distribution by size, the diversification in their products and markets, their dynamics in terms of entry, exit and survival, and the average unit prices of the goods they trade.

* DataBank will be updated shortly

Time series
South Asia, Low or Middle income, IDA, Europe & Central Asia, IBRD, East Asia & Pacific, High income, Sub Saharan Africa, Latin America & Caribbean
Data for the 2000s is available for all countries while longer time series covering the 1990s are available for a selected group of countries.
Private Sector, Trade
No fixed schedule
Summer or Fall
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Cebeci, T., Fernandes, A., Freund, C. and M. Pierola (2012). "Exporter Dynamics Database," World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 6229.
1997 - 2011


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