HaitaData.org facilitates open access to Haiti-related geo-spatial information, data and knowledge sources, encouraging others to share and use them for the development of Haiti. The data can be used for many purposes: establishing baseline data, conducting risk assessments, planning, project monitoring, and tracking progress.

This site is intended to facilitate more effective support to the country’s rehabilitation, recovery and longer- term sustainable development. HaitiData.org is a project of the Open Data for Resilience Initiative, a global partnership that seeks to build data sharing programs along with the capacity and tools to use data to make more informed decisions, that is working on implementation in 25 countries.

Latin America & Caribbean, Low or Middle income, IDA
This project contains a diverse set of geospatial (GIS) data for Haiti, including topology, geology, natural features, infrastructure, and incidence of natural disasters.
Climate Change
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Haiti Data, World Bank Group
1998 - 2010


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