Mapping for Results aims to visualize the locations of Bank activities and to provide access to information about indicators, sectors, funding, and results.

The main objectives of the program are (i) to support the monitoring and reporting of results by providing users with an analytical tool to analyze and visualize the geographic location of Bank activities at the sub-national level; (ii) to improve aid effectiveness by enhanced transparency and accountability of donor-funded operations and (iii) to strengthen the participation of multiple stakeholders, including civil society organizations and citizen groups in the Bank’s work at the country level.

South Asia, Low or Middle income, IDA, Europe & Central Asia, IBRD, Middle East & North Africa, Sub Saharan Africa, Latin America & Caribbean, East Asia & Pacific, High income
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Data on sector distribution, list of financed activities, and number/volume of active financed activities of Bank financed activities under all 12 “lending” product lines. Out of these activities, 1264 activities have been mapped by the Spring Meetings 2011 under the following product lines: IBRD/IDA, Global Environment Project, Special Financing, Montreal Protocol, GEF Medium Sized Programs, Guarantees, Debt Reduction Facility, and Carbon Offsets. More than 16,520 specific project locations are identified.
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