This web site includes statistics on poverty and other distributional and social variables from 25 Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries. All statistics are computed from microdata of the main household surveys carried out in these countries using a homogenous methodology (data permitting).

SEDLAC allows users to monitor the trends in poverty and other distributional and social indicators in the region. The database is available in the form of brief reports, charts and electronic Excel tables with information for each country/year. In addition, the website visitor can carry out dynamic searches online.

Time series
Latin America & Caribbean, IBRD, High income, IDA, Low or Middle income
In each period the sample of countries represents more than 97% of LAC total population. The database mainly covers the 1990s and 2000s, although we also present information for previous decades in a few countries. Statistics are updated periodically.
Poverty, Education, Infrastructure, Labor & Social Protection
Fall and Spring
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SEDLAC (CEDLAS and The World Bank) or "Socio-Economic Database for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEDLAS and The World Bank)".
1974 - 2013


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