The Services Trade Restrictions Database collects information on applied services trade policies across 103 countries, 18 services sectors (covering telecommunications, finance, transportation, retail and professional services) and key modes of service supply. It contains qualitative policy information as well as a preliminary quantification of applied measures' restrictiveness.
Cross sectional
World, East Asia & Pacific, Europe & Central Asia, Latin America & Caribbean, Middle East & North Africa, South Asia, Sub Saharan Africa, High income, Low or Middle income, IBRD, IDA
Each country is covered in one year from within the 2008-11 range. Policy measures covered include restrictions on entry and legal form, licensing and operations as well as aspects of the regulatory environment. Information derived from a questionnaire and/or supporting data collection efforts.
Public Sector, Trade
No further updates planned
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Services Trade Restrictions Database, World Bank Group
2008 - 2011


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