The Survey on Good Jobs gathers data on perceptions of jobs and how they vary with wealth, gender, income, labor status, sector of employment, experience and education level, constraints to accessing good jobs within the local context, barriers to labor market entry (which includes wage employment and self-employment in non-farm and farm activities) and potential solutions for these barriers (causes of joblessness/unemployment). It also gathers data on the valuation of the trade-off of various job characteristics (e.g., stability of income versus level of income, social insurance versus level of income) and how individuals view good jobs at a more aggregate level (the role of jobs in the community, society).
East Asia & Pacific, IBRD, Middle East & North Africa, Sub Saharan Africa, Low or Middle income, IDA, Latin America & Caribbean
Labor & Social Protection, Education, Gender
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WDR2013 Survey on Good Jobs, World Bank Group
2012 - 2012


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