The Wealth of Nations dataset provides country level data on comprehensive wealth, adjusted net saving, and non-renewable resource rents indicators, as published in "The Changing Wealth of Nations" (2011). It presents a set of “comprehensive wealth accounts” for over 150 countries for 1995, 2000, and 2005, which allows a longer-term assessment of global, regional, and country performance in building wealth.
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World, East Asia & Pacific, Europe & Central Asia, Latin America & Caribbean, Middle East & North Africa, South Asia, Sub Saharan Africa, High income, Low or Middle income, IBRD, IDA
National, Regional
Wealth estimates are calculated for 3 years: 1995, 2000, and 2005. Adjusted net saving and non-renewable resource rent indicators are calculated annually from 1970 to 2008. Please note that updated annual data for adjusted net saving and resource rents are available at
Agriculture & Rural Development, Environment, Financial Sector
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The Changing Wealth of Nations, The World Bank
1995 - 2008


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