The Apps For Climate winners were announced at the Connecting for Climate event at the Newseum on June 28th, 2012. Congratulations to everyone who submitted such amazing apps! Now we encourage everyone to try them yourselves, and put them to use. See all submissions here.

First Place: $15,000

Eco Facts

Andres Martinez, Argentina

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Ecofacts teaches users about energy consumption and cliate change, by showing how individual actions could translate into large-scale changes at the national level.

Second Place: $10,000

My Climate Plan

Håvard Lundberg and Aleksander Johansen, Norway

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My Climate Plan allows users to create their own hypothetical national plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The program currently focuses on Norway, but could be adapted for other countries.

Third Place: $5,000

Globe Town

Jack Townsend, Andrea Prieto-Vega, Richard Gomer and Dominic Hobson, UK

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Globe Town shows how countries are connected globally through trade, immigration, or international assistance, along with country profiles of issues such as energy use and climate adaptation.

Popular Choice: $5,000

CC Climate for Children

Darko Bozhinoski and Gorgi Kakasevski, Macedonia

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CC Climate for Children is a collection of interactive classroom presentations and games for teaching climate change issues in the classroom.

Honorable Mentions: $2,000

Carbon Trip

Dele Olowoyo, USA

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Carbon Trip is a Windows Mobile app that manages and records your personal carbon footprint.

Climate Change Fact-O-Matic

Dogan Narinc, France

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Climate Change Fact-o-Matic is a tool that quickly creates fact sheets on climate change.



Dragan Atanasov, Nikola Mijanovic, Eva Tomovska and Vladimir Veta, Macedonia

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Climatico is an educational Facebook app, where users score points by collecting and sharing facts about climate change.

Data Story

Albino D Battaglia, Kevin Mahoney and Xiaoying Riley, UK

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Data Story is an app that allows users to create and share visualized "snapshots" of climate data.


Eco Explorer

Joellen S Raderstorf, Devon Tivona, Victoria Everts and Greg O’Brien, USA

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Eco Explorer is an iPad-basd virtual global field trip that engages children in understanding climate change challenges.


Fuel ECOnomics

Miguel A Molina, Bolivia

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Fuel ECOnomics raises awareness about fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from users' transportation choices.


Save the Rain

Mark N Laudon, Canada

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Save the Rain calculates the potential rainwater collection of any rooftop or surface area in the world.


Tangible Carbon

Csaba Boros, Germany

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Tangible Carbon is an iPad app for visualizing greenhouse gas emissions and other data related to climate change.


The Carbon Map

Duncan Clark and Robin Houston, UK

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The Carbon Map resizes country dimensions according to their CO2 emissions, population, GDP and other indicators.

WB Panorama

Ernesto Giron, Colombia

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wbPanorama is a mapping application that explores past, present, and projected future climates.

Large Organization Award


Jeff Price, Tyndall Centre for Climate Research

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ClimaScope is a mapping platform that helps planners and policy makers visualize future climate scenarios.


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