The web widgets on the World Bank Data site let you easily take data and its accompanying display to-go. Widgets create a miniature version of indicator data in either table, graph, or map displays.

Where to get the widgets

Widgets are available for each indicator page in either table, graph, or map display. To start, go to the indicator listing and choose an indicator for which you'd like a widget. Then, from the indicator page, such as Agricultural land (% of land area) you will see in the upper-right corner of the table an "Embed" link / scissor icon which you can click on to get the widget embed code.

You can change the display mode of the indicator to table, graph, or map. While in graph mode you can add countries to the graph and then click the embed button and you will get a widget that shows the countries you've chosen.

How to embed widgets

If you have your own website simply take the widget embed code provided by the World Bank Data website and add it to the desired area in the source code of your website, content management system, blog, etc. Note widgets are available in other languages. If you embed a widget in a language other than English your website will likely need to set the following in its "head" tag:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
if it does not already do so. This will prevent the title of the widget from displaying malformed characters.


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