About Country Queries

The following information is available for the countries and economies listed in the World Bank API:

Note: The World Bank follows the ISO 3 letter and 2 letter codes to represent most of the countries, with the following exceptions

3 letter Code differences: Andorra, Congo, Dem. Rep., Isle of Man, Romania, Timor-Leste, West Bank and Gaza

2 letter Code differences: Congo, Dem. Rep., Serbia, Timor-Leste, Yemen, Rep., West Bank and Gaza

Countries not yet represented using ISO codes: Channel Islands, Kosovo

Request Format

http://api.worldbank.org/countries/br where "br" is the two-letter ISO code for Brazil.

Response Format

(Returns ISO 3 and ISO 2 codes wherever present, if not returns WB 3 and WB 2 codes)


<wb:countries page="1" pages="1" per_page="50" total="1" xmlns:wb="http://www.worldbank.org">
- <wb:country id="BRA">
  <wb:region id="LCN">Latin America & Caribbean (all income levels)</wb:region>
  <wb:adminregion id="LCN">Latin America & Caribbean (all income levels)</wb:adminregion>
  <wb:incomeLevel id="UMC">Upper middle income</wb:incomeLevel>
  <wb:lendingType id="IBD">IBRD</wb:lendingType>


[{"page":1,"pages":1,"per_page":"50","total":1},[{"id":"BRA","iso2Code":"BR","name":"Brazil","region":{"id":"LCN","value":"Latin America & Caribbean (all income levels)"},"adminregion":{"id":"LCN","value":"Latin America & Caribbean (all income levels)"},"incomeLevel":{"id":"UMC","value":"Upper middle income"},"lendingType":{"id":"IBD","value":"IBRD"},"capitalCity":"Brasilia","longitude":"-47.9292","latitude":"-15.7801"}]]


To list all countries


Return entity data for particular country with ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code “BR” (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 code "BRA" can be used in place of alpha-2 code)



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