About Income Levels Queries

Income levels show the income category of a particular country as identified by the World Bank. Income levels themselves just have a name and an id code. For more information on income level, including the methodology used by the World Bank, please visit Country Classification.

Request Format


Response Format


<wb:IncomeLevels page="1" pages="1" per_page="50" total="9" xmlns:wb="http://www.worldbank.org">
  <wb:incomeLevel id="HIC">High income</wb:incomeLevel>
  <wb:incomeLevel id="HPC">Heavily indebted poor countries (HIPC)</wb:incomeLevel>
  <wb:incomeLevel id="LIC">Low income</wb:incomeLevel>
  <wb:incomeLevel id="LMC">Lower middle income</wb:incomeLevel>
  <wb:incomeLevel id="LMY">Low & middle income</wb:incomeLevel>
  <wb:incomeLevel id="MIC">Middle income</wb:incomeLevel>
  <wb:incomeLevel id="NOC">High income: nonOECD</wb:incomeLevel>
  <wb:incomeLevel id="OEC">High income: OECD</wb:incomeLevel>
  <wb:incomeLevel id="UMC">Upper middle income</wb:incomeLevel>


[{"page":"1","pages":"1","per_page":"50","total":"9"},[{"id":"HIC","value":"High income"},{"id":"HPC","value":"Heavily indebted poor countries (HIPC)"},{"id":"LIC","value":"Low income"},{"id":"LMC","value":"Lower middle income"},{"id":"LMY","value":"Low & middle income"},{"id":"MIC","value":"Middle income"},{"id":"NOC","value":"High income: nonOECD"},{"id":"OEC","value":"High income: OECD"},{"id":"UMC","value":"Upper middle income"}]]


It is not common to query income level directly. It is more common to use income level as a way to delimit other calls. For example, to show a list of countries of the "Lower middle income" level, use the following call:



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