Error Code Response Code Description
105 503 'Service currently unavailable' 'The requested service is temporarily unavailable.'
110 404 'API Version "XXX" not found.' 'The requested API version was not found.'
111 404 'Format "XXX" not found.' 'The requested response format was not found.'
112 404 'Method "XXX" not found.' 'The requested method was not found.'
115 404 'Missing required parameter' 'Parameters which are required have not been sent.'
120 404 'Parameter "XXX" has an invalid value.' 'The provided parameter value is not valid.'
140 400 'Endpoint “XXX” not found.’ 'The requested endpoint was not found'
150 400 'Language with ISO2 code: "XX" is not yet supported in the API' 'Response requested in an unsupported language.'
160 400 ' Filtering data-set on an indicator value without indicating a date range is meaningless and is not allowed.' 'You need to indicate date-range if you want to filter by an indicator value.'
199 500 'Unexpected error' 'An unexpected error was encountered while processing the request.'



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