In a few places where you use a country ISO code it is possible to use non-standard codes which represent regions and income levels. For example, if you look at the way the indicator queries work for querying data for a particular country, you see you can do the following:

where "br" is the ISO2 code for Brazil, and NY.GDP.MKTP.CD is the indicator id for GDP (current US$). You can substitute "br" with the following:

Region codes

  • EAP - (developing only)
  • EAS - (all income levels)
  • ECA - (developing only)
  • ECS - (all income levels)
  • LAC - (developing only)
  • LCN - (all income levels)
  • MNA - (developing only)
  • MEA - (all income levels)
  • NAC
  • SAS
  • SSA - (developing only)
  • SSF - (all income levels)

Income level codes

  • NOC
  • OEC
  • HIC
  • HPC
  • LIC
  • LMC
  • LMY
  • MIC
  • UMC

For example, to query the GDP (current US$) for all Lower Middle Income (LMC) countries you can use:

Or to query the GDP (current US$) for all countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) you can use:


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