All data on this web site can be used free of charge with minimal restrictions (see Terms of Use). There are several ways you can access these data and datasets:


On country, topic and indicator pages you will find a [Download data] link that offers a bulk download of the data displayed. A country download provides all data for all years for a single country; a topic download provides each indicator for that topic for all countries and years, and an indicator download provides data for all countries for all years. This is a convenient option if you would like to use data in a desktop application like Excel.


Data displayed on this site are a subset of those available in the World Bank's DataBank, which contains extensive collections of time series data. The DataBank has advanced functions for selecting and slicing the datasets, performing customized queries and data downloads, and creating charts and other visualizations.

Grab a widget

A widget contains Data displayed as tables, maps or charts are widgets - snippets of code - that can be embedded on your website. The great thing about widgets is that they are 'alive' - when new data is available, the widget will automatically display it.

Access data through Web API

A Web API is a way for other web sites to access data directly. This is the interface of choice for creating custom data visualizations, live combinations with other data sources (mashups), and more. is built using data through the Web API. Visit the Developer section for more information.

Data catalog

A comprehensive listing of data and datasets published by the World Bank is available through the Data Catalog. The Catalog contains all the datasets in the DataBank, plus many other useful datasets, including some sub-national and raw data from surveys. Datasets can be be easliy downloaded, or accessed through the DataBank query tool or custom tools specific to the dataset.

grad-cap Open Data training modules

As part of the open data site we also offer resources to train the trainers. These contain training tutorials and presentations, outreach materials for print and dissemination, videos of speeches and presentations on development data, a short multimedia library about the Bank’s open data, as well as tutorials on using the open data tools.


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