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Education - Education Implementation Completion Reports

The World Bank prepares an Implementation Completion Report (ICR) for each lending operation it finances. It assesses (a) the degree to which the project achieved its development objective and outputs as set out in the project documents; (b) other significant outcomes and impacts; (c) prospects for the project's sustainability; and (d) Bank and borrower performance, including compliance with relevant Bank safeguard and business policies. It also provides the data and analysis to substantiate these assessments, and it identifies the lessons learned from implementation. The borrower prepares and provides to the Bank its own evaluation report on the project's execution and initial operation, its cost and the benefits to be derived from it, the Bank's and borrower's performance of their obligations under the Loan Agreement, and the extent to which the purposes of the loan were achieved. The borrower's summary of this report (or the full report, if it is 10 pages or fewer) is attached unedited to the ICR. The borrower also assists the Bank in the preparation of the ICR. An ICR is not prepared for a loan that fails to become effective or is canceled before significant implementation is initiated. Instead, a Project Completion Note to the Board summarizes the project and explains why it was not implemented. Below is a list of education ICRs (FY13 on wards), along with an abstract of their key findings and a link to the available full text ICR documents. The project portal contains additional project information and is also provided. If you have any questions about these reports, please contact the Education Advisory Service (
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