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Making Power Affordable for Africa and Viable for Its Utilities

The databases contain all the technical, financial, and tariff data collected through the study "Making power affordable in Africa and viable for its utilities." The final study and background papers are available at . The objective of making the database public is to make data collected through the study available to utility companies, regulators, and practitioners to provide benchmarks and help inform analysis. The databases will be updated from time to time to make corrections or updates for latest data available and therefore may differ from data that appears in the reports. This database is a publication of the African Renewable Energy Access Program (AFREA), a World Bank Trust Fund Grant Program funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands through ESMAP. It was prepared by staff of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank.
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    Trimble, Chris; Kojima, Masami; Perez Arroyo, Ines; Mohammadzadeh, Farah. 2016. Financial Viability of Electricity Sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa: Quasi-Fiscal Deficits and Hidden Costs. Policy Research Working Paper; No. 7788