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Africa Development for Entrepreneurship

The African Data for Entrepreneurs Initiative uses household level datasets available at the World Bank to create summary indicators useful for entrepreneurs in Africa creating or growing their businesses. There are two main sources of data: Listening to Africa and National Household Survey Datasets. Listening to Africa L2A is a collaboration with national statistical offices and NGOs in sub-Saharan Africa to pilot the use of mobile phones to regularly collect information on living conditions. The approach combines face-to-face surveys with follow up mobile phone interviews to collect data that allows welfare monitoring. L2A surveys for Senegal, Madagascar, and Malawi were adapted specifically to collect data that would be valuable for entrepreneurs and thus these data have a richer set of indicators. National Household Survey Datasets Countries national statistical offices regularly carry out general household surveys to collect information about the living standards of households more broadly. While these datasets are more broadly available, they may have less information that would be particularly relevant for entrepreneurs.
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