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Corporate Scorecard 2013 Indicators

The Corporate Scorecard 2013 was designed to provide a snapshot of the Bank's overall performance, including its business modernization, in the context of development results. This archived version has been superseded by a re-designed Corporate Scorecard for 2014 (pdf only).

The World Bank has systems—on which it continuously improves—for measuring and monitoring both development results and its own performance. These systems are complemented by independent evaluations. With the Results Measurement System, which was adopted for the 13th replenishment of the International Development Association (IDA13) in 2002, the Bank became the first multilateral development institution to use a framework with quantitative indicators to monitor results and performance. The Corporate Scorecard expanded this approach to the entire World Bank covering both the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and IDA. The Corporate Scorecard 2013 used an integrated results and performance framework, which was organized in a four-tier structure that grouped indicators along the results chain. Two of the tiers tracked elements of development results (Tiers I and II), and the other two captured elements of performance (Tiers III and IV). The Corporate Scorecard 2013 monitored, at an aggregate level, whether the Bank was functioning efficiently and adapting itself successfully (Tier IV), and whether it was managing its operations and services effectively (Tier III) to support countries in achieving results (Tier II) in the context of global development progress and priorities (Tier I). It presented a high-level view and was not intended to provide country- or activity-level information.

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