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The World Bank Components Of VPU Budget

The World Bank Components of VPU Budget data set compares resource allocations to Vice Presidential Units (VPUs) in FY11 and FY12 across all fund types. Data for Bank (BB) funds and Reimbursable funds are based on budget allocations. Data for Bank-Executed Trust Fund (BETF) funds are based on expenditure projections. Data are for all "above-the-line" VPUs for which Bank management is responsible for work program delivery and are included in the Net Administrative Budget of the Bank. Data for centrally-managed accounts and "below-the-line" components for which management is not solely responsible. BB funds are authorized by the Bank's Board of Directors for general purpose Bank operations. Reimbursable funds are received from external sources as reimbursements for special purpose program outputs or other services provided by the Bank. BETF funds are multi-year contributions from external sources for special purpose programs outputs or other services provided by the Bank. All data are presented in FY11 $ millions.
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