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Exporter Dynamics Database

The Exporter Dynamics Database is the first database providing measures of exporter characteristics and dynamics across 70 countries in all geographic regions and at all income levels. The Exporter Dynamics Database contains more than 100 measures covering the basic characteristics of exporters, their distribution by size, the diversification in their products and markets, their dynamics in terms of entry, exit, and survival, and the average unit prices of the goods they trade.
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    Time series;Transactions

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    Private Sector, Trade

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    No fixed schedule

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    Summer or Fall

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    Users of the Database please cite its source as: Fernandes, A., Freund, C. and M. Pierola (2016). “Exporter Behavior, Country Size and Stage of Development: Evidence from the Exporter Dynamics Database” Journal of Development Economics vol. 119, pp. 121-137.

  • Coverage

    1997 - 2014