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Recipient-executed Grants - Commitments and Disbursements

A Recipient-executed Grant is a Trust Fund Grant that is provided to a third party under a grant agreement, and for which the Bank plays an operational role - i.e., the Bank normally appraises and supervises activities financed by these funds. This dataset provides data on the amount of grant funds committed in the course of a fiscal year and payments made out of a Trust Fund account to eligible recipients, in accordance with the legal agreements. In fulfilling its responsibilities, the World Bank as Trustee complies with all sanctions applicable to World Bank transactions. All definitions should be regarded at present as provisional and not final, and are subject to revision at any time. Data is provided at the individual Trust Fund level and is updated as of 03/14/2013. No further updates are planned for this particular dataset, please visit the Global Partnership and Trust Fund Operations website for more details:
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