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2016 Climate Investment Funds – Clean Technology Fund (CTF) results data

The results data presented below is based on the portfolio of CTF projects and has been compiled on behalf of the following multilateral development banks: ADB, AFDB, EBRD, IDB, IFC and IBRD. It follows the principles outlined under the Revised CTF Results Framework and includes five core indicators that help determine whether and to what extent the CTF interventions achieve the proposed project/ program outcome objectives involving: (a) Avoided greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; (b) Increased finance for low carbon development mobilized; (c) Increased supply of renewable energy (RE); (d) Increased access to public transport; (e) Increased energy efficiency. Please note that this is based on 53 out of 55 projects reporting results and does not include (2) CONFIDENTIAL projects. You can learn more about specific indicators at .
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